Stock market: 23 mistakes you should never make

Mistakes to avoid on the stock exchange

The stock market brings high profits in the long run, but the investor must avoid many pitfalls … Learn in this slide article written on July 25, 2019, which mistakes you should not commit under any circumstances.

Investing without having set clear rules

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When they’re wrong, investors tend not to admit it. « And to avoid the feeling of regret they associate with realizing a loss, they often wait too long before cutting a loss, » criticizes Tatjana Puhan, head of multi-asset and equity management at Swiss Life Asset Managers France. Conversely, they get nervous too quickly at the thought of losing a security’s gains and therefore tend to cap their winning positions too early, she says. « One solution to this behavioral bias is to aim for a price target, which must be strictly defined depending on a security’s valuation. And an investor can set the amount of maximum loss they are willing to take to avoid too much emotion in their sell decision, » she recommends.

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