The 5 Most Exclusive Credit Cards for the Mega-Rich

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The 5 Most Exclusive Credit Cards for the Mega-Rich

Credit cards are crucial in the current world of speed and speed. In most cases they are used to take place over hard, cold cash in the present.

When choosing which credit card to choose the majority of us consider factors such as APR and fees, maintenance charges and the cash back savings. For the wealthiest of the wealthy the issues mentioned above aren’t much more important than items like cards that do not have limitations, luxurious benefits that are exclusive as well as rewards points on lavish items.

The 5 cards listed on this list are reserved for the most wealthy. These cards are priced higher than what the average person would ever want to pay however, the benefits they offer you are unrivalled by the majority of cards that are available to everyone else.

Take a look at the five most exclusive credit cards designed for the ultra-rich!

#5: Coutts World Silk Card

The card is only available to citizens of England Only available to residents of England, the Coutts World Silk Card is a credit card that’s popular with British elites such as the Queen Elizabeth II.

The credit card has an incredibly high 49.1 APR. So, you’re probably not going to need to have an account balance for longer than. If you’re able to afford the card at all then it’s likely that the insane interest rates won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

This Coutts World Silk Card can be only available to those who possess at least $1 million in their Coutts bank account. This is an amount that just barely surpasses the 100 mark.

If you’re fortunate enough (and wealthy enough) to be eligible to be eligible for to be eligible for Coutts World Silk Card, you’ll be able to enjoy luxury services like an on-call concierge service and access to exclusive lounges at airports and exclusive shopping at designer shops, to name some of the advantages. Start your Coutts savings account right now!

#4: Stratus Rewards Visa

It is a card that can only be obtained through invitation. Stratus Rewards Visa Card is one that is open to invitation only. Needless to say, you’ll not be invited unless you have a substantial amount of money within your banking account.

Membership to this card gives you a wealth of benefits should you are invited. Stratus Rewards Cardholders who have the Visa card have access to personal concierge services including discounted charter flights, automobile services, upgrades at luxury hotels, discount on merchandise as well as free consultations with fashion and lifestyle experts.

This card also comes with benefits of allowing to pool points with other friends who are insanely wealthy and combine points to spend time on yachts and private jets. It’s not bad at all.

Apart from being accepted and having the minimum standards for wealth However it is also possible that the Stratus Rewards Visa will charge the cardholder $1,500 annually. But for the majority of cardholders, this is an extremely small, insignificant sum of money.

#3: Dubai First Royal MasterCard

Okay, let’s get this out of the way This credit card is not adorned with diamonds. Okay, so it does have one diamond however, one .235-carat one-sided diamond located on the card’s face. And, of course, the card is actually cut with gold. This still counts for something isn’t it?

The Dubai First Royal MasterCard is more than just its aesthetics however. Cardholders have the risky proposition that there is no limit as well as no limitations on the items they buy. If you’d like to rack over $10 million in fees on the Dubai First Royal MasterCard, do it. The bank won’t stop you from doing this.

If this seems like an unwise choice on behalf of the bank be aware that everyone Dubai First Royal MasterCard cardholders are invited to be guests of the bank. In other words, Dubai First knows you have lots of money and is able to reimburse you for the amount you have charged.

The card’s members are also provided with all-hours « lifestyle managers » who help cardholders with any requests they’d like to. If you’re in search of the card that makes you feel as a king, you’ll need this card Dubai First Royal MasterCard…if you’re eligible.

#2: JP Morgan Chase Palladium

Another credit card that has no limitation whatsoever on the amount your credit card can cost is JP Morgan Chase Palladium Card It is a credit card exclusively for JP Morgan Chase’s most affluent investors and wealth management clients.

It is JP Morgan Chase Palladium is comprised of laser-etched palladium as well as gold, which makes it an exquisite card, in addition to numerous benefits. The annual fee is $595 it is « cheap » compared to the charges for the majority of luxury cards. Additionally, it provides cardholders with a number of advantages that other luxury cards do not. For instance the JP Morgan Chase Palladium Cardholders receive 2 points per dollar they spend, as well as an additional reward of 35,000 points when the customer has charged $100,000.

If you’re extremely wealthy and you use this card to purchase credit, then you’ll earn you a ton of points for luxurious travel in a flash. But that doesn’t mean that those with this card won’t be able to travel regardless, however.

#1: American Express Centurion Card

Here we are the most luxurious credit card available. If you’ve ever seen someone using the American Express Black Card and assumed they were high-rollers Think again. The American Express Centurion card lies in a different realm of wealth and absurdity.

With a membership fee of $5,000 as an initial cost and an additional $2,500 in annual fees it is clear that the American Express Centurion Card is not the cheapest credit card you could locate. To be considered for this credit line, you need to be among the American Express customer for at the least one year. Additionally, you must have incurred at least $250,000 during the previous calendar year on the American Express Platinum Card.

If you’re able to meet these requirements If you meet those criteria, when you apply for an American Express Centurion Credit Card you’ll be able to enjoy the most rewarding rewards for credit cards system available. Through this credit card you’ll be able to access a 24 hour American Express concierge that will assist you with every need. Additionally, you will have the option of upgrades to flights, free room reservations at hotels and personal shopping as well as the option to close certain stores for private use so that you can shop without fear.

These are the advantages of having one of the best credit cards to all mankind.

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